Thursday, July 7, 2011



The whole Tamil film industry is boiling because Kajal Agarwal while speaking to the North India media said, "Don’t call me a South Indian actress. I don’t like being called like that. I am a Mumbai girl."

Kajal who was introduced as heroine by Bharathi Raja in the Tamil film Bommalattam did not mention anything about that.

When asked Bharathi Raja was asked about this, he said, "She was an ordinary sales girl in a textile shop in Mumbai. I brought her to act in Bommalattam. She doesn’t know anything. I only taught her dance and acting. How dare she is enough to speak like that in spite of earning in Tamil Nadu and eating Tamil Nadu food. She was arrogant at the time of acting in my film. But I kept quit because I wanted to complete my film. We should not leave this person who has humiliated South Indian cinema. All the film federations should pass a resolution and send it to Mumbai Cinema Association and ask Kajal Agarwal to apologize."

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