Friday, June 17, 2011

Mnet’s “Idol Chart Show” ranks ‘Idols from Mars’

And we’re back with another ranking from Mnet’s “Idot Chart Show”!

This time the chart ranks “Idols from Mars”, which focuses on idols with unique, unusual, and silly personalities.

Check out the ranking below!

20. Eric [Shinhwa]

19. Minah [Girl's Day]

18. Onew [SHINee]

17. Kahi [After School]

16. Seungri [Big Bang]

15. Sunhwa [SECRET]

14. Jo Kwon [2AM]

13. Sulli [f(x)]

12. Jessica [SNSD]

11. Park Bom [2NE1]

10. Siwon [Super Junior]

9. Kwanghee [ZE:A]

8. Victoria [f(x)]

7. Taecyeon [2PM]

6. Tiffany [SNSD]

5. Changmin [TVXQ]

4. Gyuri [KARA]

3. Mir [MBLAQ]

2. Kim Hyun Joong [SS501]

1. Heechul [Super Junior]

source: allkpop

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