Thursday, June 16, 2011

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  • paskal
    08-31 05:09 PM
    why can't we count now?? just approx. is also fine, can we have some sort of poll??

    go check the tri state poll, see if it's crossed 50 responses out of 3,500 + members. to have a poll and make it meaningful you need willing participants. that means many people need to spend a whole 30 secs not thinking about receipts. everyone worries about them- i'm talking here about the significant number that obsess about them. do note that the July 2 thread dies after work hours. so most people who refresh all day do it only at work.

    nah! we can't have a poll. it would be a meaningless exercise. my guess is that we will only get people to understand what the problems really are when another knock like July 2 comes along. and that is just too sad....

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  • Edison99
    08-23 11:50 AM
    Thanks for the great suggestions!

    When I was trying to file in EB-2, this was the first question that I asked me lawyer -- No matter what, I do not want to get my pending EB-3 case to get in trouble. His answer was -- These two are going to be totally isolated cases. A person can have multiple pending green card applications. Heck, one can have one application in EB category and the second one in FB category. Having two cases together in EB category is fine and the outcome of EB-2 case at any stage would not effect EB-3 case at all. (Again, if USCIS finds that you are in some sort of fraud then it is all together a different case).

    What you should not do (coming from lawyer) is do not file two sets of I-485. That is going to screw up your case.

    Another suggestion that lawyer gave me and I did not follow is -- Let us say your EB-3 I-140 is pending and you and your wife have EAD and AP. When you start a new EB-2 process, during the I-140 stage, take CP route (Counselor Processing). This is best of both the worlds. You have EAD and AP from EB-3 petition and you are requesting for CP for your EB-2 application. As soon as your dates become current, you will be notified to go to your home country US embassy. Go there with family, get everything done and come back to the US with GC. If S*H*I*T happens there (Which is rate), come back with AP (derived from EB-3 application) and you are back to where you were. By doing this, you just eliminated two things -

    1. Interfile is a tricky process. If you could avoid it, avoid it.
    2. When dates become current, US embassy would surely look in your case. That process is far better than USCIS + I-485.

    Negative point of this route is - you need to make a trip to your home country on a short notice.

    Once again, good luck to you all. Just, do not do anything illegal to get GC. Do whatever is permissible under the law and do not even believe your lawyer. Do your own homework.

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  • sam_hoosier
    07-03 10:13 AM
    Atty fees were paid by my employer; my out of pocket was approx. $ 500. However, the intangible cost (disappointment, having parents stand in a queue to get BC etc.) is far greater :(

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  • Soul
    02-11 06:59 AM
    I do that sometimes Kit, especially when I can't really think of a reason.

    Right, I've finally made my vote lol...

    I voted for Kit because I liked the style, would ahve been better bigger but still cool :beam:

    - Soul :goatee:


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  • fromnaija
    04-01 06:28 PM
    I don't have the answer to your question but I wanted to point out that it was not necessary to have an attorney withdraw their representation. The proper procedure is to file a new G28 form and that would override the previous G28.
    In your case I would suggest that you have an INFOPASS appointment and talk to an IO who may be able to direct you as to what to do. Alternatively you may want to contact an attorney.

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  • radosav
    04-01 03:23 PM
    sent fax # 10


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  • sunny1000
    12-23 02:55 PM
    I guess the term "YMMV" (your mileage may vary) holds good for this thread...some have had good experiences and some have had really bad ones with Indian and foreign consulates.

    But, it is dis-heartening to know the plight of some of the members who had to run from pillar-to-post to get their Indian passport renewed (as the Indian Embassy/Consulates are supposed to help their citizens - not make the citizens' lives miserable).

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  • maine_gc
    07-06 04:55 PM
    I support this action item.

    Here is my story. I came to US in 2001 and was able to get the visa stamping done in US twice. My visa expired in 2005. Since the revalidation in US is stopped in 2004, i did not go to India until i received my AP in 2007. This is because i know couple of friends (brothers) who were stuck in India for almost 3 months when they went for marriage in 2005. So i decided not to take the risk. I went to India in 2008 and returned back on AP.

    Now i cannot use AP anymore because my I140 was denied by USCIS. This is for sure an error by USCIS. In the denial letter they said my company applied for X number of green cards which is not true. Green cards applied by the company are too low compared to the number provided by the USCIS. My appeal is pending at AAO. If the revalidation of visa can be done in US, i can get it stamped and visit the family in India instead of waiting for the decision on the appeal.


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  • gcsngh
    09-19 08:52 PM
    :eek::rolleyes:Come on DC revoultionaries, grow up and be reasonable with Anna, he had a few questions, respond if you can in a discrete manner:rolleyes:

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  • dilbert_cal
    04-03 05:06 PM
    Didnt think this would be so easy - My apologies to everyone for being a lazy person before - from the time of my last post till now, I've been able to get another 12 more webfaxes done through my friends and now they are talking to their friends ( not the common ones ) to get more faxes.

    Moderator - Can you please post how many faxes are done as of now ?


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  • indyanguy
    12-18 06:45 PM
    I agree with you. It's not required by law to file any AC21 papers so the USCIS cannot do much. Also, the green card cannot be revoked after 5 years so by the time you apply for citizenship, the USCIS cannot do anything bad to you. Worst case, they will ask about it during the citizenship interview so it's a good idea to keep your employment offer handy. But it's very unlikely and I really doubt they can deny your citizenship based on this. That's why I see no drawbacks in not filing AC21 and no benefits in filing it if you know that I-140 won't be withdrawn. My advice would be to take an employment letter from current employer and keep it in case the USCIS asks for it. There is no need to cause troubles for yourself by letting the USCIS know about it.

    Thanks for explaining this clearly. 2 Questions:

    1. If you use EAD and don't file AC21 and assume your I140 is revoked and USCIS wrongly denies I485 based on the I140 revocation, will you be on legal status while you fight the USCIS ?

    2. If you do file for AC21 and switch jobs, if you happen to change jobs again, do you have to file for AC21 again? Does this need to happen everytime one switches jobs?

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  • GCSOON-Ihope
    06-23 02:08 PM
    Brahmam and Company -

    This is the height of Frugality sir :eek: . Contribute something to this society instead looting(??) everything from here and wiring to Bank of India or whatever:p .There should be a limit to this nonsense questions to be posted for Members to Read and Answer. Please grow up in life.Few Dollars here and there will not make this World upside down nor will it buy huge real estate lands in your Place. Also, buy Trash-bags for throwing Trash instead of use Walmart plastic to throw into Dumpsters.Some in my Apts do that all the time inspite of Property Managers advising against doing fall in this Category.

    To answer your Question, Walmart is the cheapest for anything .Period.Why?? Please see this Documentary 'Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price '.

    I'll give you the last call to burn your ego.:cool:

    - Shalom

    1 100 % agree with you! Some people on this forum are so darn cheap, that really infuriates me sometimes. What are a few bucks, even a few hundreds or thousands compared to the benefits of getting a GC? you have the link to that WalMart story?


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  • MightyIndian
    02-29 01:59 PM
    I have sent the letters to both WH and to my state congressman who happens to be a co-chair of India Caucus.

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  • gsc999
    08-15 02:13 PM
    Guys, please take attorney advise before rushing in to refile. Duplicate applications may create problems for you later on.

    Imagine, given the huge retrogression how many countless times we will be refiling our EADs ad APs if we don't act now.

    Many people are blissfully enjoying the fruits of labor of some very dedicated IV member who selflessly participated in San Jose rally and flower campaign. These efforts were instrumental in the July visa bulletin reversal. Isn't it time we all stood up for our rights and make a strategic impact through a legislative change rather then just be satisfied with a tactical July visa bulletin reversal win?

    I can't talk enough about how vital it is for you to act now. Presidential race will kick in after October/ November time frame. Our window of opportunity is short. Lets help ourselves!


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  • casinoroyale
    06-19 03:44 PM
    But the text in the I-131 instructions is contradicting what you said.

    If you have current AP, you can travel while your AP renewal is pending. AP renewal will be from the date when your current AP expire.

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  • pasupuleti
    04-02 11:53 AM
    sent both faxes


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  • jonty_11
    06-04 06:25 PM
    only reason USCIS can afford to do it is becoz they are not accountable (As we are not a vote bank)...

    But with IV on our side, we can make them streamline their procedures and work efficiently - whcih has never been a priority.

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  • anshal
    12-30 08:13 PM
    R u serious? Is this really a serious question??? R u soooooooooo desperate to change ur employer that u cant wait for one more day? And that too a holiday...LOL joke of the day!!!
    31st is a working day for me, if 180th day is 31st than does the employer lose the ability to revoke 140 from the 31st or 1st?, Does it mean than USCIS should receive revokation request by 31st or that the request can be postmarked by the 180th day?

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  • gc_on_demand
    06-10 04:02 PM
    Completely baseless and irresponsible statement from Mr. Gotcher!!!

    He contradicts his own statements:

    "If these statements are true, then the end of the current mess is in sight.
    If the CIS really has wiped out its processing backlog, then when the "pre-adjudicated" cases are given visa numbers in the next fiscal year, cutoff dates should advance rapidly. At a minimum, we should see them return to February 2007 levels, if not closer."


    " EB2 China and India: Outlook is "grim" and there may be further retrogressions until later in the fiscal year."

    On what basis he thinks that EB3 India will have PD in 2001 but EB2 India will further retrogress (currently it is stuck in 1999):

    "EB2 China and India: Outlook is "grim" and there may be further retrogressions until later in the fiscal year.
    EB3 India: November 1, 2001"


    "Of course, all of this becomes academic if CIR is passed. In that case, all priority dates will become "current" overnight and remain that way for years."

    Yeah...right...this is same Mr. Gotcher who predicted that "if you do "consular processing" you will get your GC very soon as USCIS does not process cases"....Look what happened...

    First of all he mentioned that 500k app in 2007 and then USCIS used 280k in 07 and 08. so 220k remaining. Dont forget that they opened gate till 2006 where so many people who got their labor cleared from backlog centers in 2007 ( Sep , after july 2007 thing ) applied.
    So I would say out of 500k it didnot reduce 2 years but only 1 year ... so total left are 360k - 140k ( 2009 ) = 220k remaining. Now that they have pre adjucted 110k so 110k left. If they stop accepting new app for next 2 years then they can clear all mess in 2 years but law prevent them to do so...... so end of mess for ROW contries is near ( with improved USCIS process )... but for India out look is grim as law prevent india to get more than 3k if there is more demand from ROW and Eb4 and Eb5.

    also If CIR passes and they add recapture then it will make dates current becasue those visa go on oldest app first. ( God knows who is oldest here ) but given that india has lot more app pending in back those recapture can clean lots of indian backlog while new supply keep going to ROW countries.

    To me the bottom line is " VISA RECAPTURE " either law suit way or congress through.............. other than pack ur bag and head to wards home.... ( specially people like us who didnot file AOS and very tough to be on h1b after 6th year is over ) ..

    11-27 09:34 PM
    this is a one-sided view of someone hell-bent over renting is better than buying.

    The website has got the views of well over a hundred other people. Read all the posts, esp the ones that do detailed financial analyses.

    and if you take 15 yrs mortgage, you will not pay more money towrads your interest.

    Then your tax benefits will be lower..and your monthly payments will be larger.

    Robert Kumar
    01-04 12:12 PM
    Applied for EAD and AP together (e-file at TSC center) in the last week of Nov 2010 and got the EAD card yesterday in mail. The validity period is for 2 yrs. The online status for EAD updated accordingly. However there is no status update for AP.

    How many days before expiry can one apply for

    1. EAD extension.
    2. AP extension.
    3. Since EAD extension is possible only because of 485 pending, is there a chance of risk, if employer withdraws 485 for some reason.

    Thank You,

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