Monday, June 20, 2011

Check out a video interview with the cast of “Ouran Host Club” + translation!

The cast of “Ouran Host Club” was recently interviewed on TBS’s morning show,”Ousama no Brunch“!

Check out the video and translation below!

Based on a very popular teenage girl’s manga, the main character is a girl who joins a club and ends up posing as a boy.

Kawaguchi Haruna acts as the main character, performing in her first drama.

Yamamoto Yusuke acts as the host club leader/director.

Daito Shunsuke acts as club’s vice leader/director.


Question to Kawaguchi: This is your first drama, how do you feel?

Kawaguchi: I’m so nervous, I feel like throwing up (laugher). But I have the will to perform well, and I’ll do my best.


Question: How did everybody prepare for their roles?

Yamamoto: There is the manga and anime to study and learn the role from.

Nakamura: And we also learned the mannerisms of the characters directly from the character instructor.


Question: Within those character’s mannerisms that you learned, were there any surprise parts to the character?

Response: The manner in which one has to “bow” (ojigi).

This is how you normally bow, but we learned to bow from the waist, keeping the angle of one’s neck straight.


Question to Ryusa: It seems Ryusa is the black sheep of the group, as you’re the only one with a different uniform. How do you feel?

Response: Yeah, it just seems like an error, but…the character is well played at certain point.


Question to Kawaguchi: Among the seven actors here, please pick the one who portrayed the character best.

Response: (After playing around with the seven guys…complimenting, bribing, etc.)

Tamaki (Yamamoto)!

Fundamentally, these parts always had lots of tension, but when we’re together, we always kept smiles on our faces.

Yamamoto: There is a lot of similarity in my character and my real self. I think even if this is for real, and not just acting, she’s probably picking me.


Question: What about in real life?

Kawaguchi: For real, I think it’s Nakamura.

(Yamamoto seems down…he thought she would pick him.)


Now a question to everybody…how do you plan to fight the heat this summer?

Ito: I don’t like to keep air conditioning on…like when I go sleep, I just leave the window little open and feel the night breeze.

Takaki: I don’t think of it as hot. It’s all a matter of mind control.

Yamamoto: Guarantee you guys are lying!


At the end of the interview, Kawaguchi states:

With interesting members, I’m hoping that this drama will provide good laughter and a good story for everyone.

The drama starts in July!

source :tokyohive

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